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Colonic irrigation

Colonic irrigation is an effective method for washing the intestine, by gently introducing filtered soft water.
This is a very ancient treatment (first recorded in Egyptian medicine around the XVI century BC), which over the years has been widely documented and thanks to scientific research, which has shown a very direct link between poor intestinal health and general poor health, this treatment is now widely used in both medical and general wellness and cosmetic practices.



NatrixMed offers medical centres, community health centres and medical spas Newcolon the medical colonic irrigation device designed considering all the useful technical features for the operator while assuring the maximum comfort for the patient.

Newcolon is formed of two detachable sections (the top one is the effective device, the bottom one its supporting carriage). It is compact, easy to transport, does not require internal batteries just low voltage power supply from an external AC/DC medical grade dual insulation power pack, with minimum risk for both the patient and the operator.

Touchscreen graphic display, internal microprocessor to process all the treatment data, remote control for the irrigation and discharge from the patient, disposable antibacterial water filter, are just some of the prerogatives of this newly conceived machine by NatrixMed.

The device also has an internal video camera to film the expelled material from the patient, and the film is easily uploaded onto any computer, smartphone or tablet, even wirelessly.

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